Independent Candidates Ruin Government

Damned Independents

The government of Australia has been destroyed by independent candidates with personal agendas. Several have been elected to parliament by ill informed voters.

Whilst the ideals of those independents may have aligned with the ideals of many voters, there is little hope of passing any legislation that might enforce those ideals.

We now have the likelihood of the failure of valid legislation being passed, except when an independent does a shady deal. The shady deal might be allocation of funds for some project in their own electorate, in exchange for a vote in favour of the legislation being proposed by a minority government. Blackmail lives.

I see independent candidates as a blight on all Federal and State elections.

They will never form government
They dilute the votes for nominees of major parties
They are disruptors to any fairly elected party
They rarely have any real world business background
They are often persons with radical beliefs (naturopathy and/or religious), hence their inability to obtain major party nominations.

If they cannot make the grade to be nominated by a Party which might have a shot at government, then they should not be candidates. They do more harm than good and cause unwanted complexity at the polls.


Sagittarius Blackhole

I was underwhelmed this past week with the release of the Sagittarius Blackhole "image".

It is not a photo, but a generated image based on some unverifiable data from several sources. That data has been massaged into the "image" released.

Reports all proudly announce it was produced by ....... a computer scientist ....who helped develop an algorithm to turn vast amounts of EHT data into an image.

C'mon y'all.

So the "image" is basically a Photoshopped orange doughnut with some highlights and blur added.

I have managed to get a very clear photo of the actual blackhole as shown below. I think this is a first ! This photo is placed in Public Domain for others to use without need of acknowledgement.

Actual Blackhole

Distance in Lightyears

How do they know?

I see data posted all around the internet and in Science publications...

The nearest star to our sunProxima Centauri, is 4.2 light-years away, meaning the light we see from the star takes a little over four years to reach us.

Well OK then. We know WHEN the light reaches us, because that is now (or when we recorded it).

But just how do we know how OLD it is? i.e. Just when was it emitted?  It does not come tagged with it's birthdate.

Some Genius tells us that because Proxima Centauri is 4.2 light years away, we swallow the bait and assume the light was born/emitted 4.2 years ago.

That aforementioned Genius knows it is 4.2 light years away, because some other Genius has told him the light was emitted 4.2 years ago.

I think we are in a circle jerk here.


All light we see today is light we see today. We do not know how old it is.  So we should not make assumptions that suit the needs of others.



Please answer these questions if you can...


How do we know how far away is  Proxima Centauri?

How do we know that light emitted by it is 4.2 years old?



Don’t Tell Elon Musk

Please. No one tell Elon Musk or Space-X that there is such a point as the LaGrange L2 point where satellites may be in equilibrium in space.

Otherwise he may just launch a bunch of small pods to get in the way of everything else, such as he has done with the Low Earth Orbits.


How irresponsible.


Media and Protests

Ignore Them

The Media in general is responsible for all protests.

If cameras were not present, then there would be a lot less protesters at any such event.

That would then require less, or perhaps no police to attend.

So, come on media, please start ignoring Protest marches and such like.

By filming and reporting on them, you are feeding the frenzy.


Contents Hidden When Wrapped

Wrap Investing

Using a WRAP for your Shares


In a word... DONT.

You lose Control and Ownership.

You will be charges Entrance Fees

You will be charged on-going management Fees.


Gold Bars

Gold Price Dropping

Dateline 12-Feb-2021

There is considerable pressure mounting on the value of Gold, and thus on its price. Down to US$1817 per ounce today.
The base pricing is in USD, and with the rising value of the Australian dollar, investing in Gold now is betting that the Aussie dollar will not rise further.

Gold has lost its edge across the globe with savvy investors looking to fake gold (Bitcoin and the like).

As seen recently, precious metals are susceptible to manipulation by groups of pseudo short term investors. This happened recently with Silver during the GameStop debacle.

If you are heavily invested in precious metal, and can escape with a profit, or a modest loss, now is the time to jump.
Gold is likely to hit US$1600 again soon.

Double Whammy

One thing that causes issues with a Gold investment in Australia, or any country where their currency value varies against the US$, is that if the Gold US$ price drops, and the local currency appreciates against the US$, in terms of the local currency, the local investor loses twice.

The best scenario is for the Gold price (in US$ terms) rises and the local currency devalues against the US$, then a sale of ones Gold assets will generate a higher return at the local market.  This will give a double benefit.


Going Down

Gold Trending Down

Dateline February 17

And down she goes further. Today Gold at US$1788 per ounce

Dateline February 19

And down she goes further. Today Gold at US$1770 per ounce

Dateline March 5th 2021

And down she goes further. Today Gold at US$1694 per ounce. Glad I jumped when I did.

Dateline March 9th 2021

Gold drops more today. Setting a real trend now... Today Gold at US$1681 per ounce.

The foregoing is the considered opinion only of KangaTalk Bruce.
You should do your own research before acting on any advice given or before accepting any given forecasts here.