Independent Candidates Ruin Government

Damned Independents

The government of Australia has been destroyed by independent candidates with personal agendas. Several have been elected to parliament by ill informed voters.

Whilst the ideals of those independents may have aligned with the ideals of many voters, there is little hope of passing any legislation that might enforce those ideals.

We now have the likelihood of the failure of valid legislation being passed, except when an independent does a shady deal. The shady deal might be allocation of funds for some project in their own electorate, in exchange for a vote in favour of the legislation being proposed by a minority government. Blackmail lives.

I see independent candidates as a blight on all Federal and State elections.

They will never form government
They dilute the votes for nominees of major parties
They are disruptors to any fairly elected party
They rarely have any real world business background
They are often persons with radical beliefs (naturopathy and/or religious), hence their inability to obtain major party nominations.

If they cannot make the grade to be nominated by a Party which might have a shot at government, then they should not be candidates. They do more harm than good and cause unwanted complexity at the polls.


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